Refurbished Vending Machine

How to Use a Vending Machine Correctly

HOW TO USE A VENDING MACHINE CORRECTLY Site Owners – Facility Mangers – Hotel Operators

Many Thanks for choosing us to SERVICE your personnel and guests with our products in the vending machine/s. As much as you take pride in your working environment we also take pride in our equipment, products on offer and the caliber of our staff who are visiting your premises, we are acutely aware that by default we inadverntently represent your companies values and sevice offering to both your staff and visitors. Our business model is solely reliant on providing and selling an adequate amount of FMCG goods in a fully operational and easy to use self automated vending machine, that is aesthetically pleasing and ALWAYS working with competitive pricing. As Vending is a convenience facility which not only satisfies staff immediate needs, Vending Machines are also proven to save companies in excess of 40 minutes per day in productivity, whilst enhancing a companies social responsibility. Unfortunately due to limited space, we are unable to accommodate the range of goods stocked in your general supermarket and with this in mind, we take great care in our product selection and refresh the product range or introduce new lines as frequently as possible. ( It is in our interest to move product).

Our market and demand has proven that the sale of Diet Coldrinks, Health Bars, Noodles and diabetic goods are simply not great sellers, coupled with the fact that both the cost price and selling price are exorbitant. Diet Coldrinks are very limited with a 6 week expiry date which ultimately leads to wastage and a loss of profits, hence we no longer stock these particular line items.

Our stock replenishment intervals are initially based on one visit per week, and in most instances this is adequate, however should we find this to be in-sufficient we up the service intervals to 2 visits per week and or upon consultation with the site owner, place an extra unit. Vending is a peculiar form of retailing and often one experiences a run on a certain line, if this is persistent we double up the lines to accommodate the sudden rush / flavor – However please bear in mind, that having one or two empty spirals in a vending machine with a selection of 60 product lines does not constitute an empty machine and financially does not warrant a special service call to replenish.

In all instances our intentions are to provide service and satisfaction, however we are unable to control the quality of the notes / coins inserted into the vending machines coupled with the fact that the Quality, Consistency and weights of our currency are notoriously poor. Our units are set to a 95% acceptance rate.

WE are most aware of this fact and our policy of a NO NONSENSE product or cash refund is one of the cornerstones of our business model. Simple email us or call – receive a reference number and the consumer will be re-imbursed – NO QUESTIONS ASKED.

Staff and guests should also follow the instructions on the vending machines to eliminate unnecessary complications and enter both notes and coins in the correct slots slowly and await the machine to acknowledge acceptance on the display screen, prior to selecting their purchase