Refurbished Vending Machine

FAQ's - For Site Owners and Facilities Managers

1) Do we rent the Vending Machine from you or do we have to buy it 
There are 3 Vending Options to choose from, all dependent on the number of people on your site - See Placements brochure attached.
2) Why can't we have a vending machine in our offices - We have 30 staff and they are always snacking
The simple answer to this, is that the Vending Business is actually a business, that requires a high Capex investment coupled with high service costs - Fuel / Toll fees and Staff - We need to generate a return on investment and make a profit to be able to offer the service and invest in new technology and equipment Refer to our rental options.
3) How regular do you add stock the vending machine
Our standard replenishment is one visit per week - However it in our interest to sell product, so if the machine does require more regular visits, we up the service intervals and or we place an additional machine in the site.
4) Why are the prices in Vending Machines slightly more expensive than MAKRO
Worldwide it is common practice that the prices in vending machines are slightly more expensive, the reason for this is the CONVENEINCE factor coupled with the high cost of capital equipment. It is a proven fact that vending machines reduce employee downtime by 40 minutes - leaving the building and wondering off to the convenience stores.(Our product pricing is on par with the garage "C" stores.)
5) Who is liable for technical repairs and services of the machine
The Vending Company is liable for all technical servicing and insurance on all Placements of vending machines that are on a turnkey contract, including rental options.
With outright Vending Machine Purchases - the client receives a 1 year warranty on a parts basis and Labour is billed out separately - (See Technical Menu)- With outright purchases, insurance would be for your account.
6) Do we have a choice as to what products go in the machine 
Unfortunately with placements (eg a Turnkey operating service where The Vending Company services the unit, you are restricted to our product range - which is refreshed continually).
7) Are there different sized machines 
There are a few different sized machines and the critical factor in vending is The correct machine for the right application - All dependent on the number of people. - 
In Vending -smaller does not necessarily mean cheaper.
All quality machines are imported.
8) What do we do if a product gets jammed or the machine swallows the money without displaying the credit
The First thing to do in this instance is RELAX - Vending Machines are just that, they are machines, much like cell-phones and or computers - They are not perfect. The quality and consistency of the South African currency is far from regular and unfortunately we do not manufacture the currency - 
Our vending machines are set to a 95% acceptance rate - Any higher and we would be in financial trouble. 
Our customer care process is very user friendly and simple - email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or Call our 24hr hotline - 011 780 8438 - State the name of your site - building and floor number (this enables easy identification of the machine) - Clearly state the problem experienced. 
One of our service agents will respond by mail or telephone and you will be given a reference number - 
Our no-nonsense refund policy - is simple - We refund your money back in full or the product and instances where we are unable to attend to your refund - we are able to refund our customers with air time to the value. Instantly.