Refurbished Vending Machine

Twitter Activated Vending Machine Services

A new Twitter-activated vending machine has made it’s way into the vending industry.

Their slogan? Let’s get #vending trending!
Making use of a vending machine has always been a great source of convenience, being able to make use of quick access to a much needed drink or a snack customers are able to avoid the lines of a concession stand. However, a new development for vending machine use promises a hint at what may be the future for the industry. Activating a machine through online social media is an unprecedented use of the technology, and hints at new ways to make use of a vending or snack machine in the future.

Customers who are interested in sampling the beverage offered by this new type of machine simply stand in front of it, and send a tweet to the machine. In response it dispenses a free sample for them to enjoy. The vending machine companies interested in making use of such technology can make use of low cost social media based advertising to increase the demand for their products.