Refurbished Vending Machine

What to Expect from the Vending Company

What to Expect when purchasing a machine from The Vending Company -
All machines purchased from us are supplied standard with Bank Note acceptors R10 & R 20 as well as a coin mechanism which accepts 50c / R1 /R2/R5 coins and gives change in coins accordingly. This applies to both New and Re-Furbished.
We also have the ability to equip vending machines with Credit Card Readers and we were the 1st company in SA equipped to offer this facility, which not only acts as a credit card terminal but has full telemetry, enabling easier management of your vending machine remotely.
This facility also has the ability to double-up as a staff card at a fraction of the costs of traditional in-house card / cashless applications.
The installation of credit card devices is best suited to the installation on 3 or more machines, whilst not impossible on single units, just a little more expensive due to programming time.
The Vending Company are proud members of VASA -The Vending Association of South Africa and we abide by their code of conduct.
 All our units are also supplied with up to R 620 value of change in the coin mechanism standard and & R500.00 in stock at Cost Price.
As we have our own in-house large format digital printing facility, we are also able to custom brand / wrap your machine for an additional R 3 950.00 incl-VAT -with free in-house design – A great way to enhance any pause area or canteen.
Free Opening Stock - Value at Cost R 500.00
Free Float in coin mechanism - Value R 622.50
Delivery,Installation and Training within Gauteng 30km radius from Strydom Park R 2 280.00 Inc Vat
  Delivery to outlying areas R 2 800.00 Inc Vat.( Approximately)
FREE Excel based (easy to use) Stock and Machine Management documents
FREE Tips and Tricks 
NO Nonsense CANCELLATION Clauses
7 days Cooling off 
50% Deposit with Order – Balance Payable after you have signed off.
Reliable Equipment with proven track record
New Equipment
12 Month warranty on a parts replacement basis.
3 Months warranty on labour
3 Months on refrigeration units
Labour is billed out at R895.00 Inc Vat - per call-out which including 1st Hour labour.
Re-furbished Equipment
6 Month warranty on a parts replacement basis.
3 Months warranty on labour
Labour is billed out at R895.00 Inc-Vat per call-out which includes 1st Hour Free.
The Vending Company subscribes to the modern way of thinking and our policy of releasing information on the How to buy a Vending Machine, Analysing Suppliers, tricks, tips, pitfalls and financial analyses of operating vending machines (see our link) is testament to our philosophy of Teach a Man To Fish.
Read Your Manual and Apply your mind in order to save yourself costs, prior to booking a Call-out.
Our internal analysis of call-outs received over a 24 month period has revealed that 90% of all call-outs / breakdowns received were all answered in the manual or easily available on-line and in 50% of the 90% most errors were due to Dirt and grime residue.