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Customised Vending Solutions

Customised Vending Solutions
As vending is a very specific niche industry, we request that our customers carry out thorough and independent research on both their prospective supplier as well as exactly what form of vending you would be interested in.
Confectionery, Beverages,Pharmaceutical, PPE,Washing Machines, Stationery, Retail Apparel etc.
Remember most vending equipment suppliers have been in the industry for a considerable amount of years and have invested time and money in their industry and business, by attending vending shows, fairs and exhibitions and reading trade journals.
As vending is a relatively small industry within the global scale and even smaller in South Africa, most suppliers have established networks throughout the world and by constant communication and industry talk, we all tend to keep abreast of developments and new trends within the sector.
With this in mind, please remember that most vending suppliers have seen almost every type of "new" and or secret product being vended, and if we have not seen it, we may have been involved in a similar application thereof, however there are many ideas and applications of implementing vending and the world and market-place is continually changing thus opening opportunities daily, so we never scoff or ridicule an idea or concept and on the contrary we embrace and relish customers who present us with new and exciting challenges.
When approaching your supplier with new or innovative types of products - Be Honest and forthright, that way they will be able to assist you in a far more effective manner and perhaps even point out the pitfalls.(Trust me, most equipment suppliers have no intention of “stealing”’ your idea as they already have enough responsibilities and commitments on their plate).
The most fundamental mistake most consumers make when entering the vending industry is their backward approach? Yes that is correct! They have a great initiative/idea or product to vend, then approach a supplier with a multitude of expectations and innovations and expect the supplier to invest in R&D at no charge. It is in your suppliers interests to ensure that all R&D is accurate,professional,practical and affordable, however this does take time,resources and intellectual capital. Unfortunately this does cost  money and suppliers are obliged to charge for this. 
The correct way of vending or introducing a new and or unique product that you would require to be vended from a vending machine is quite simple:
Identify your location - Identify your Price Point - Analyse your potential daily sales (conservatively) - Then ascertain your potential Gross Profit? - NOW analysye your potential Nett Profit taking into account your monthly expenses - travel, petrol, labour and CAPEX cost -
After this calculation has been done - ascertain your potential ROI and if your calculations are illustrating a respectable profit, then proceed to contact a supplier.
Does your ROI warrant your investment ?
Do you have the Time?
Please REMEMBER that No BUSINESS is Risk Free and in reality …The Higher The Return the Greater the RISK.
Vending is a Business - much like any other business - do yourself a favour - do a business plan (even if it is a one page excel spreadsheet) and allow the numbers to express themselves.
Vending Machines are 24hr Retail Outlets and as such they need to be able to satisfy a demand, ensure that you stock the correct product for your target market.